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Have you ever wondered why we crave for hill stations? What makes us dash to our favourite cool, scenic summer spot? The answer is a little complex. However, the short summation is that it invigorates our mind and body. The rustling of leaves, the cascading waterfalls, the meandering river, the cries of birds and the pure, sweet scented breeze does wonders for our five vital senses.

Snoezelen or manmade controlled multisensory environment does the same. Shaping Insight, one of the leading Snoezelen therapy centres in Mumbai offers unparalleled therapeutic environment for people suffering from autism, developmental disabilities, accidental injury and dementia. If you are looking for scientifically developed multisensory rooms in Mumbai, especially multisensory rooms in Mulund then Google suggests only Shaping Insight for Snoezelen.

What exactly is a Snoezelen room or environment?

The answer is already provided in the introduction. The smell, sound and the colourful vista of nature applies a soothing balm on our physical, mental and emotional wounds. Based on this principle a Snoezelen therapy room also boasts several relaxing and stimulating elements. These are vital components of Snoezelen therapy. The environment consists of lighting effects, controlled temperature, healing colours, sounds and music that calm frayed or jittery nerves. Scents too form an integral part of this setup. A right kind of smell can improve memory and brain functioning.

There are few Snoezelen therapy centres in Mumbai, and we are one of the pioneers in this arena. Our Snoezelen room is built using intriguing materials that cover walls, ceiling and even blinds and divisions. As mentioned above, they provide the right kind of stimuli to the tactile senses of humans. Snoezelen therapy room is highly regulated. It means every constituent is regularly updated and upgraded for enhanced stimulation. The entire therapy is conducted with the help of qualified therapists.

Snoezelen therapy in Mumbai tend to adopt their own therapeutic methods to address behavioural / self-esteem issues and imbalanced mental health conditions. However, Shaping Insight, the only Snoezelen therapy centre in Mulund follows closely the principles developed at De Hartenberg Institute in the Netherlands. One of the intriguing features of Snoezelen treatment is the way it is initiated. It is a non-directive therapy and the success rate depends on the patient.

If you searching for a scientifically developed Snoezelen in Mumbai and particularly Snoezelen in Mulund then we strongly recommend giving us a try. You can also write or call us to fix an appointment. Our therapist would be happy to demystify Snoezelen principles (Snuggle & Snooze).

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