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Education is a cognitive process of acquiring knowledge, skill, proficiency in language and numerals. Education is about inculcating values and habits. During this learning process children are also introduced to various social and cultural beliefs. Indian educationists have therefore built a standardized framework wherein children from every walk of life gather to achieve relevant competencies. However, the learning pace, one of the crucial variables when it comes to measuring core academic skills is distinct in each child. Broadly speaking, there are two categories of children.

1) Those who possess normal grasping abilities.

2) And those who lack this attribute, and therefore underperform. These are slow learners.

Remedial education is for the second category of children. Moreover, such students may also lack other essential virtues such as social and emotional maturity, and analytical thought process. Although teachers tend to ignore this problem, especially in India, the fact is, such children need an alternative, a remedial mechanism.

As one of the leading remedial education centres in Mumbai, we provide scientifically developed remedial program for enhanced academic performance. We also believe that there are intelligent students who fail to perform in school or standard learning environment, and therefore fall under the second category. Shaping Insight is a one-stop-shop for individuals looking for a remedial educator in Mumbai, where we address multi-faceted academic challenges on individual basis.

Our program is developed after analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the concerned individual. It makes sure that we focus on core strengthening. Tailored program also reduces redundancy of knowledge distribution. Being a leading remedial education centre in Mumbai and learning disability centre in Mulund, a strategic location in suburban Mumbai, we are always upgrading our program quality for improved results. This simply translates into a ribbon of success that is long and colourful.

Shaping Insight is one of those best remedial education centres in Mulund who not only identify the weakness of a student in a particular academic area, but, makes sure that disadvantage is neutralized by offering a complementing solution and one on one attention. This invariably leads to enhanced confidence and performance quotient. Interestingly, learning disability may not be a sign of lower intellectual ability. A child who is brilliant in academic skillset such as literacy may not be equally proficient with numeracy. The idea here is to inspire and make the numeral learning process fun, distraction free and simple.

Best remedial education need not be expensive or lengthy. At Shaping Insight, we realize the urgency of the problem and therefore conduct a detailed assessment from developmental, personal and academic point of view, and based on the resultant test scores develop a complementing program which is intuitive, inspiring and result oriented.

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